Service Machine can handle a wide range of parts, with our turning capabilities starting with a Mazak QTN 250 MS which can handle ¼” bar through 3” bar fed by our Edge bar pusher into a work envelope which includes a sub spindle and live tooling. The next step up is our Mazak QTN350-II M which has a 4” spindle bore enhanced by an upgraded 15” chuck and a work envelope of 16.5” Dia X 60” which includes live tooling and live center. On up to our Mazak QTN 450 which boasts a 7.2” spindle bore with dual 22” chucks and a 22.8” Dia X 80” work envelope enhanced with an 8.7” steady rest and live center.

Our milling capabilities are also wide ranging. Our “work horses” include the Cincinnati Lamb FTC 850-2500 (VMC) 100” X, 32” Y, 27” Z, with a 50 HP 50 taper spindle on a Vertical Traveling Column, we can mount your heaviest parts on its stationary table for machining. This machine is also equipped with Renishaw probing for both tool setting and part checking. This technology is also used on our other 50 taper machines, the Mazak VCN 700D a 30HP machine 60.2” X, 27.6” Y, 25.6” Z which can manage parts up to 4,400 LBS and our Mazak VCN 510-C50 a 4th axis machine with a 40”X 20” work space. All 3 of these machines utilize Renishaw tool probes for quick set-up.

We have additional capacity in turning from our Cincinnati Milacron Talon a 10” swing machine with 2” bar, fed with our pneumatic bar feed, our conventional lathes, (see below) and additional milling support from our Cincinnati Sabre 1000, Fadal VMC15XT and our Sieki-XL manual mill.

Machining Capacities

CNC Horizontal Turning Centers

  • Cincinnati Milacron Talon
    CNC Lathe with 8” Chuck/10” swing
    26” to live center
  • Mazak QTN250-II MS
    CNC Lathe with 10” Chuck/26.57” swing
    14.96 Max machining Dia
    3” Bar capacity w/ 6’ Edge Tech Bar Feed
    8.875” X, 16.5” Z travel
    Sub Spindle w/6” Chuck
    Live Tooling
  • Mazak QTN350-II M
    CNC Lathe with 15” Chuck/29.05” swing
    16.5 Max machining Dia
    4.4” Spindle bore
    10.125” X, 63” Z travel
    Live Tooling
  • Mazak QTN450-II
    CNC Lathe with 21” Chuck/33.25” swing
    22.8 Max machining Dia
    7.2” Spindle bore
    12.2” X, 80” Z travel
    Live center & 8.7” Steady rest

CNC Vertical Machining Centers

  • Cincinnati Lamb
    FTC 850-2500 (VMC)
    100” X, 32” Y, 27” Z
    with Renishaw Probe
  • Cincinnati Sabre 1000
    40” X, 20” Y, 22” Z
  • Mazak700D
    Vertical Center
    60.2” X, 27.6” Y, 25.6” Z
    with Renishaw Probe
  • Mazak 510-C50
    Vertical Center Nexus
    40” X, 20” Y, 23” Z
    12” 4th Axis
    with Renishaw Probe
  • Fadal VMC15XT
    22” X, 16” Y, 20" Z

Manual Vertical Mills

  • Sieki-XL (#1)
    Manual mill with 30"X and 13.5"Y
    Acurite digital readout
  • Sieki-XL (#2)
    Manual mill with 30"X and 13.5"Y
    Anilam digital readout

Manual Horizontal Lathes

  • Swift
    manual lathe with 20" Chuck, 32" swing, 12' length
  • Takang
    manual lathe with 17" swing, 78" length
    Newal digital readout
  • South Bend
    manual lathe with 18" swing, 60" length
    Newal digital readout
  • Swing
    manual lathe with 13" swing, 39" length
    Anilam Mini-Wizard digital readout
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